Commercial buildings with integrated DSF can be very energy efficient buildings with all the good qualities listed in the introduction. However not all double skin facades built in the last years perform well. Far from it, in most cases large air conditioning systems have to compensate for summer overheating problems and the energy consumption badly exceeds the intended heating energy savings. Therefore the architectural trend has in many cases unnecessarily resulted in a step backwards regarding energy efficiency and the possible use of passive solar energy.

The BESTFACADE project will actively promote the concept of double skin facades.
A best practice guideline of double skin facades will be created. It will be based on a comprehensive survey of double skin facades in Europe. Information on built examples of double skin facades in European office buildings will be collected, investigated and assessed. Using this guideline designers and investors can avoid application of non relevant concepts of DSF performing worse than traditional facades. The investor confidence concerning operating performance, investment and maintenance costs will be increased.
A simple calculation method for national guidelines to estimate the energy demand and comfort parameters will be developed. This method will be evaluated using measured and simulated data sets. It will be presented to the relevant CEN committees and could be integrated into assessment methods of the EBPD.