The project is structured along eight main work-packages (WP).
WP1 “State of the Art” will start at the beginning of the project and collect information on double skin facades and double skin facade related issues like energy consumption, user acceptance, etc. This WP will run over a period of 12 months. At the end a report of state of the art of double skin facades will be published. The information gathered in this WP will be fed to the other WPs. WP6 “dissemination” will start as well at the beginning of the project. With the first information available from WP1 the website will be published and updated regularly as new information is coming from WP1.

WP2 “cutback of non-technological barriers”, WP3 “energy related benchmarks and certification method” and WP4 “simple calculation method” will start at project month 7 and run over a period of 18 months.

All WPs will get information from WP1 according to their objectives.
In WP2 the non-technological barriers for double skin facades will be evaluated. Strategies to overcome them will be directly fed to the WP6 dissemination.
WP3 “benchmarks and certification” strongly relies on WP1. In WP3 benchmarks will be created. These benchmarks will be published on the website together with a benchmarking tool allowing users of the website to compare their double skin facade.
In WP4 a simple calculation method will be developed.
WP5 “best practice guidelines” will start at project month 19. During the following 12 months a guideline for the target group will be produced. This guideline will be introduced directly to the target group with workshops in every participating country.
WP 7 “Common dissemination activities” will start at month 1 of the project. Various information of the project will be delivered to the EC for publications from the EC.
The interaction of the WPs is shown in the following picture. This strong interaction ensures a strong commitment of all partners. To ensure the success of the project a clear management structure will be established. The WP leaders are partners with a proven track record in project leading.