Downloads / Reports

The Bestfacade project started in January 2005 and will end in December 2007.
In this section the reports of this project are published as soon as they are available.

Report on State of The Art of Double Skin Facades (4.4 MB)
Literature Database (300 KB)
Report on Non-technological Barriers (700 KB)
Report on Benchmarks and Certification (5.2 MB)
Report on Simple Calculation Method for DSF (3.6 MB)
Report on Best Practice Guidelines (2.0 MB)
Booklet of Bestfacade Projekt (3.6 MB)
Summary Report (3.0 MB)
Project Fact Sheet (200 KB)
Project Presentation (400 KB)
Project CD Iso Image (39 MB)
Project CD Clip (1 MB)